A collection of panoramic photographs taken with my iPhone 4S while riding the subways of New York City. Because the trains move too fast for the digital stitching to properly compile the photograph, there are glitches, missing elements and combinations that transform the photograph into a compressed image of time and space. The title is “Sublimation”, which has two definitions. In chemistry, it is the transition of an element from a gas to a solid, without the liquid phase. In psychology, it is the transition of sexual desire into socially acceptable behaviors. Subways are an in-between space, transiting from one point to another. The act of riding a subway in New York City is inherently combined with a repression of socializing and interaction. We stand inert as we transition from one point to another, as is socially acceptable. This inertia gives time for contemplation and distraction, acts used to mask the anxiety of this socially acceptable inertia. Staring out of the window, watching the stations and people pass serves this purpose as I transit between points. These photographs capture this in-between, sublimed space.