THENEWMYTHOLOGY is a continuation of the epic poem THENEWMYTHOLOGY.NET. THENEWMYTHOLOGY.NET is based on the Wikipedia article for Dante’s Inferno, among several Buddhist Wikipedia articles and articles based on the topic of each section of the poem, and Instagram photos hashtagged with the title of each section of the poem. THENEWMYTHOLOGY is a ritualistic structure based on Dante’s Purgatorio, as well as Buddhist traditions and Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour show.

Traditions are a part of our everyday, ordinary and often mundane existence, so much so that they become overlooked and unexamined. THENEWMYTHOLOGY deconstructs traditions through a reinterpretation of mythologies. By breaking down and combining differing structures of belief the building blocks for something new are found.

We have become users of digital intermediaries meant to ease interactions by distancing us from the analog. In our technologically augmented world we feel connected but remain isolated. We create digital identities and connect with the assumed digital identities of other users. We become absorbed in these identities, their histories and personal mythologies. They become part of our everyday existence, they become tradition.

Mythology affects our understanding of the world and place in it. Our absorption in social media and embrace of the digital has become increasingly prevalent through the user’s struggle to build a personal myth that creates this understanding. THENEWMYTHOLOGY connects our understanding of the world to a journey towards authentic happiness with an appreciation for its ultimate failure.