The stage is setup with a structure featuring two televisions facing the audience. There are two projection screens. In front of one is a camera recording the audience, the projection behind the camera is showing the camera’s video in real time. The other projection is a recording of the performer’s face and head as he walks around the space. The performer walks around the space with a harness strapped to his chest and waist holding a camera which is recording his face and head. One television is a previous recording of the performer explaining the structure of the performance and everything that is happening or will happen or has happened during the experience. Everyone is aware and conscious of the experience they are currently experiencing. The previous recording of the performer explains the projections of the audience to the audience making the audience aware of itself. The performer explains that he is walking around the stage and other areas in space and time to explore and become more aware of the spatial and temporal places in which the experience is taking place. As the performer walks he describes everything he sees to himself so he is aware of the surroundings making up the experience and is aware of his own awareness. The other television shows the participating audience members. Below the televisions on the structure are words defined by the performer. These words help to construct a proper linguistic awareness for the experience being experienced. Inside the structure there is another video camera recording a chair in front of a green screen. The performer selects random audience members to participate. He brings them to the chair inside the structure to be recorded and presented in real time on the television for the rest of the audience. While the performer walks around the space, selecting participants, he also passes around a video camera for the audience members to record their perspective.

The performance ends once everyone has participated.

Photographs by Luke Jordan